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Kartar Lalvani Photo
Kartar Lalvani Photo

Kartar Lalvani Biography

Kartar Lalvani is the founder and chairman of Vitabiotics, a vitamin, and mineral-based food supplement firm founded by a British-Indian businessman. Lalvani’s father was the owner of pharmacies in Karachi, Sind before the partition of India.

Kartar Lalvani Age

How old is he? He is 90 years old as of December 2021. He was born Kartar Singh Lalvani in 1931 in Karachi, Pakistan.

Kartar Lalvani Education

Lalvani graduated from Kings College in London with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and a Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry from the University of Bonn, as well as a Royal Pharmaceutical Society Fellowship (FRPharmS). An Honorary Doctorate was bestowed on him. Professorship at a major French university and the University of Franche Comté’s dermatological research center, excellence.

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Kartar Lalvani Nationality | Ethnicity

The 90-year-old is an Indian national and citizen by birth, he was born in Karachi, Pakistan. He is of mixed ethnicity/heritage/ancestry.

Kartar Lalvani Family | Parents

Lalvani was born into a family of Sindhi Sikhs. His father operated pharmacies in Karachi, Sind, prior to India’s partition. His family moved to Bombay after the partition, where he was raised and schooled. He was the youngest of a family of nine children. He came to London to study pharmacy in 1956 and received his Ph.D. from the University of Bonn later that year. He and his family went to London in the 1960s. He and his brothers Gulu Lalvani and Pratap Singh Lalvani developed Binatone. Binatone was called after Bina Ramani (née Lalvani), Lalvani’s younger sister.

Kartar Lalvani Wife | Married

He hasn’t made his relationship public. His marital status, whether married, engaged, divorced, or single, is unknown.

Kartar Lalvani Son | Children

His son Tej Lalvani is the CEO of the vitamin company Vitabiotics.

Kartar Lalvani Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of £200 million.

Kartar Lalvani Career

Vitabiotics was the UK’s sole specialized vitamin supplement firm when Dr. Kartar Lalvani launched it in London in 1971. Today, the company manufactures a number of well-known brands, such as Wellwoman and Omega-H3, that treat a variety of ailments, from mouth ulcers to menopause. Lalvani and his son, Tej, run the global Vitabiotics Group, which has a revenue of roughly US$371 million per year. But life wasn’t always easy for the upbeat and humble Sikh entrepreneur. The company’s roots were firmly planted in adversity.

Lalvani eventually followed in his father’s footsteps and studied pharmaceutical science in London, Germany, and India. However, you needed more than just a deep mastery of the subject to excel in the pharmaceutical industry. The difference was in the way he tackled his studies, research, and, ultimately, the start-up and growth of his company. Lalvani arrived in London in April 1956, at the end of one of the coldest winters on record. He dedicated himself to his studies and earned a postgraduate degree in pharmacy from King’s College London. He then received a doctorate in medicinal chemistry from Bonn University in West Germany. There were few young Sikh entrepreneurs in London in the 1970s.

He subsequently sought the larger pharmaceutical companies in the United Kingdom, intending to license his recipe, but they, too, turned him down. He was so confident in his product’s effectiveness that he founded Vitabiotics. However, having spent all of his savings on patenting the invention, there were insufficient funds to launch it with fanfare. As a result, he began making personal visits to pharmacies. While this strategy also failed — he only sold £5 worth of Oralcer — Lalvani learned an important lesson about being knocked back and having answers for any questions or worries that were hurled at him.