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Harrison Webb Photo
Harrison Webb Photo

Harrison Webb Biography

Harrison Webb is a popular YouTuber. His YouTube channel is called ‘OmgHarrisonWebb,’ and he is best known for posting parody videos of popular songs, as well as some hilarious challenge videos. On his YouTube channel OmgHarrisonWebb, he is known for making parody music videos as well as funny challenge videos.

Harrison Webb Age | Birthday

How old is Harry? Webb was born ad raised in London, the United Kingdom, on 19 January 1997. He is 25 years old as of January 2022. However, he celebrates his birthday every 19th of January.

Harrison Webb Nationality

Webb is a British national and citizen by birth. She was born in the London United Kingdom of America. He is of mixed ethnicity/heritage/ancestry.

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Harrison Webb Height

How tall is He? Webb the famous YouTuber stands at a height of 6’0″ (183 cm).

Harrison Webb Family | Parents

The famous celebrity was born in London, the UK. He was born into a middle-class English family and was brought up along with his younger brother, Anderson Webb.

Harrison Webb Girlfriend | Relationship

He is currently in a serious relationship with his girlfriend named Franny Arrieta.

Harrison Webb’s Net Worth

Harrison Webb YouTuber | Career

Webb is one of the most well-known YouTube personalities today. He is best known on his YouTube channel, ‘OmgHarrisonWebb,’ for posting parody videos of popular songs, as well as some funny challenge videos. Since childhood, Harrison had a natural talent for creating music, which grew into a burning desire to pursue a career in music. Because he had a natural flair for comedy, he wanted to incorporate his natural ability to make others laugh into his career. When Harrison launched his YouTube channel in 2011, he discovered the ideal way to combine the two distinct art forms. He was heavily involved in acting during his high school years, as well as music and dancing.He used to be one of the best tap dancers in school. He was also interested in social media, and as he approached his adolescence, YouTube was quickly becoming a popular platform for young people to showcase their talents.

Harrison decided to start his own YouTube channel. Surprisingly, when he started the channel, he had no idea what he would be posting in the near future. He uploaded his first video, ‘1st Dare: Stuffing Marshmallows in my Mouth,’ to see how his viewers would react. The video initially failed to gain popularity, just as he predicted.

He then shifted his focus to posting Vlogs and other amusing videos that he had shot with his friends. He was so popular by this point that his fans began demanding more videos from him, and the newcomer was more than happy to oblige. Harrison wants more out of life and has set his sights on a career in Hollywood. He has already appeared in several films, including “Harry Potter” and “Bill.” He has also appeared in a few uncredited roles in a variety of television shows. While his permanent address is in London, he frequently travels between Los Angeles and his hometown for work. His upcoming projects with Coca-Cola, Tesco, and 20th Century Fox have already been announced.